Thursday, March 17, 2011

Agent 006... "Dum Bum Dum" haha

I promised my s'awesome friend Ashton that I would post a new dream after I turned in my English project.  Unfortunately, it's still not turned in.  But it's Spring Break, so I'm going for it!  So here's my dream from last night.  Just to set the stage, I've never met a lot of the people in the dream.  It takes place in places I've never been to and it's about spies!

I turn around and I'm in the kitchen area of a McDonald's.  It's pretty slow going and we were testing out new menu items, like buffalo wings and even burritos.  I walked over to help flip the burgers as we were waiting for a shipment of pickles to come in.  The manager was getting a little perturbed.  Finally my friend Jarrod came with the shipment of pickles and threw them on the grill... cause obviously you're supposed to grill them.  After they had grilled for a while and were like perfect, (perfect crispiness, perfect color, perfect everything,) everyone started cheering.  While all of this noise was going on, the fry cook leaned over and filled me in on this guy they were watching in the restaurant.  We were working for the CIA.  She quickly jotted down a note on a piece of paper and slipped it into a burger she had intentionally messed up.  "Oh well this doesn't look good.  Guess I'll toss it out.  Hey Morgan, will you take this out for me?  I might eat it on break so don't squish it or anything.  The mustard'll get everywhere," the fry cook called out to me.  I grabbed the burger and attempted to wink, but it was an epic fail because I just can't wink.  I palmed the burger in my right hand and walked out the back door to where she had told me that my ride was waiting.  One of the men on my team was waiting outside and told me that the car was parked in the next parking lot over.  I began to hand the burger to him but he shook his head and said that the burger wasn't meant for him.  He gave me a wristwatch with a communicating device in it, and he showed me how to use it.  As I walked toward the row of Mexican restaurants across the street beside the parking lot, a big burly man came running toward me.  I knew that he was going to tackle me so I ran and tried to scale this wall that separated the two lots.  It was much too tall, but I heard a voice coming from my watch to jump on the newspaper racks at the end of the wall.  I ran to the racks with the man following close behind.  I climbed up the first two and was about to leap when the man jumped up behind me.  Our combined weights were just too much for the tiny metal racks and they started to collapse.  At the very last second I jumped in the air and was just able to grasp the edge of the super high wall.  I pulled myself up and took the car keys out of my pocket so I wouldn't have to fumble around for them when I reached my car.  I was already at the end of the wall preparing to jump down when the man had pulled himself up.  He had a large gash on the side of his head from falling, but it didn't seem to phase him.  I jumped and rolled when I hit the ground.  I pushed myself up and ran towards my shiny, awesome car.  Then to my surprise a woman who had been carrying groceries from the store beside me pulled out a gun and barreled towards me!  I stooped and picked up a can from the ground and futilely threw it in her direction.  She dodged it easily and blocked my path to my car.  We engaged momentarily in hand to hand combat.  As I caught her foot that was flying towards my head, I used both hands and twisted her around and moved her out of my way.  I rolled across the hood of my car but got stopped again by her.  I finally managed to push her off and was on the roof of my car.  I didn't have time to unlock the doors, so as I saw her pick herself up from the ground and prepare to attack me again, I used my car remote to roll back the convertible top.  I pulled the heel off my shoe and removed a small hidden canister of weak Chloroform gas.  I sprayed some in her direction as I fell into the car.  I saw her fall unconscious to the ground, and I drove off.  I drove for a couple of hours in the country until I reached HQ.  They briefed me on a type of starfish I was supposed to go rescue from Hawaii.  I was going to be working with my friend Crissy.  But before we left, my friends Britney, Michelle, and Savanna were going to be working with me on a side case.  We were dropped off at the lake and had to hike to our rendezvous location.  Once we got there, we found out that our contacts were some our college friends.  Elizabeth and Chase were there as well as some others.  Elizabeth's parents were going to be driving us across the lake.  They put all four of us in separate cars and made sure that at least one of the college students was with each of us.  The drivers revved the engines and were given a push off from the shore line.  We were being driven into the lake!  Michelle and I exchanged worried glances at each other through the windows, but were soon relieved when we found out that we were driving on top if the water.  My car was in the back and was being driven by my business tech teacher.  It was hard to see because of the water being thrown up in front of us so she opened her door and leaned out just as we were taking a sharp turn to the left.  Chase obviously wasn't use to this motive of transportation and looked like he was about to be sick.  Thankfully we reached the other side of the lake before he had an opportunity to throw up.  Once over there we had to carefully comb the shoreline in search of a key to a safe deposit box in Switzerland that had been hidden.  It was very muddy and roots were constantly blocking our way.  We were all very happy once the key had been found and we could return home.  I, however, had to head straight to the airport to load our private jet that would take me to Hawaii.  The jet had a shower, thank goodness, and a change of clothes for me.  In Hawaii, Crissy and I were given instructions to carefully watch a certain man who sold these starfish in the black market.  He was Australian and really creepy.  We stayed at the same hotel and constantly used binoculars to scope out what he was doing.  It was very hard to locate a lot of these starfish and more often than not he brought in dead ones that had washed up close to shore.  We could tell that he was getting agitated.  One day Crissy decided that she would try her luck at getting a live one and bringing it up to the hotel as bait.  To my surprise, she actually did get a live one!  As she walked to the doors of the hotel she acted like a lucky, unknowing tourist, bragging about it all the way inside.  She even had a camera around her neck and a strip of sunscreen on her nose.  The bait worked and the man and his goonies came after her.  We tried to lock ourselves in the downstairs bathroom but I was getting closer and closer to waking up and the dream was starting to fade.  We were making messy and hasty decisions.  We knew something was going to go wrong.  We ran inside the bathroom and couldn't even lock the door.  We started to get dizzy and couldn't get our bearings.  That's when I noticed the small dart sticking into the skin on the back of Crissy's neck.  "Crissy, we've been drugged!" I shouted towards her as she tried to fill a bowl of water for the starfish.  She rummaged through her beach bag and found two sticks that would counteract the drug's affects.  We each took one and jammed it into our thighs.  The drugs reminded me of the spray I had in my heels.  I was glad that Crissy had gone to the beach instead of me.  I still had on my nice clothes and heels.  I pulled out the spray and on the count of three opened the door and sprayed it in all of their faces.  The fell unconscious and we called HQ.  They sent some men to pick these guys up.  They hadn't ever been able to take them in before because they had never been able to catch them.  They busted up the starfish ring in the black market all thanks to Agent 006! :) 
And then I woke up...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I've been a slacker... I know... But here's a new one!!! :D

This one actually is new.  It's from a couple of nights ago!


It was spring and several of my friends and I were hanging out outside at the park.  We were having a really great time and it was super fun!  Then another group of people came and joined us.  I had never met any of them before.  None of my other friends had either.  But it wasn't a big deal so we all just got together and played frisbee.  After about twenty minutes of an intense Ultimate Frisbee game we all agreed to go get smoothies.  I got a fantastic strawberry-kiwi smoothie; it was perfect.  For real. :) After we had all finished our smoothies we exchanged numbers in hope of getting back together again and said our goodbyes.  The two groups got together several more times over the next few months; we went to the movies, church, the Quad, and lots of other places.  We all got to know each other really well and became really close.
This is where it starts getting a little different than most dreams I have.... I don't usually dream about guys in a romantic way but I did this night.  I blame the Romeo and Juliet convo we had in English! Haha :)
So this really sweet guy and I started talking and hanging out.  He was an awesome Christian and treated my family well and with respect.  We started dating and went to prom and everything.  Okay, now flash forward about four years.  I wake up in my dream and I know that it's further in the future than my dream was before.  And I know I'm engaged.  So I got a little flutter of butterflies in my stomach as I remembered this fact.  I got dressed and headed out to see some friends.  On our way back home from the mall, I got stopped at the bottom of my driveway.  Al Capone's mom was standing there with some of Al's "friends."  My friends and I were really super confused.  She looked us over and started speaking in her funny accent, "So, what are you girls doing?"  "Well we were just on our way up to my house to get ready for my date tonight with my fiance," I told her.  Her face twisted into a grimace and then she laughed. "Oh no you're not.  Haven't you heard?  You aren't getting married."  If looks could kill, I would have been dead three times over.  "What? What are you talking about? Of course she's getting married," one of my friends stated.  "She spoke with him yesterday about it!"  We were obviously really confused at this point.  "Sorry girls.  I'm just not going to let it happen."  Al's friends stepped forward and flexed their muscles as they less than subtly tucked back their jacket side to reveal some very intimidating guns.  "Why?  Isn't there something we could convince you to let us do so I could marry him?  You don't understand; I love him!"  Mrs. Capone thought about it for a minute.  "Well, actually, there is.  Give me 346 articles of clothing and then give me ten different recipes for tortellini."  My friends and I exchanged glances and I was quick to speak up, "Okay.  We'll do it!  When do you need it? Next week?"  Mrs. Capone literally shook with laughter.  "Of course not!  No.  You have less than twenty-four hours."  She looked at the men, snapped her fingers, and started to leave.  The men jumped and started to follow her. "Wait! That's ridiculous! I don't have enough time!" I shouted as her taxi cab pulled up and the men opened the door for her.  She quickly glanced back at me and said, "Then there will be no wedding."  She ducked her head into the cab and left without another word.  I ran to my room and threw open the door to my closet.  Britney and Crissy helped me to go through my clothes.  We went through everything.  Everything counted.  First I got rid of all of things I didn't like anyways.  Then, when I realized time was ticking away a lot faster than I wanted it to, we got rid of a few things I wanted to keep.  We realized that I had a whole drawer of socks that we hadn't gone through so I tossed them all into the pile.  The count was up to 217.  We only had a few hours left.  Crissy looked at me.  She was very pale and I could tell she was worn out.  "Sorry Morgan, but I can't stay.  I have to go."  And with those few words, my friend left me.  Britney went to get the tortellini recipes at her grandmother's house.  I was left alone for the moment, and I was running low on clothes.  I started throwing everything into the pile.  I was crying and needed some fresh air.  I went outside and sat near a blooming tree.  I realized I hadn't even talked to my fiance that day at all.  I had no way to get a hold of him either.  I thought for a moment and then clipped some flowers off of the crepe myrtles behind me and a rose off the bush in front of me.  I walked to his house, which had magically moved closer to where I was, and climbed the fire escape stairs outside his window.  I left them where I knew he would see them and turned to go back.  But standing right in front of me was Mrs. Capone and her men.  "Sorry sweetie, but I decided that time's up."  I gaped at her and said, "You can't be serious!?  I still have a good five hours!"  She pursed her lips and shook her head.  "I can tell that you don't quite get this.  So I'm going to break it down for you.  I'm in control here.  I decide when time's up and when it isn't.  I just said time's up so I guess it's over for you..."
And then I woke up!  So everybody who reads this, I'm going to need you to comment and tell me how you think it should have ended! Haha I really hate it when I wake up at a suspenseful part and I don't get to find out how it ends. :/  So this was my most recent dream; I hope you liked it!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First Blog Post EVER!!!!!! :)

Okay this is my first blog post so bear with me while I learn haha 
My first dream I'm going to blog about is from several months ago.

It was a normal day after school and I was hanging out with my friends Miranda, Mary Beth, and Anna Grace.  We were watching Disney Channel and listening to the radio when we found out that the Jonas Brothers were going to be in concert in our town.  We were so excited!  We got Miranda's mom to drive us to the mall to buy tickets.  As we approached the vendor we found out that the concert had completely sold out.  The vendor told us that we might be able to scalp a few tickets if we were lucky and willing to pay a whole lot more.  Disappointed, we left and all went home.  A few days later at school I found out that Miranda, Mary Beth, and Anna Grace had all gotten tickets.  I was rather let down that I wouldn't be able to go to the concert.  So I went home and was talking to some good friends on Facebook when Jake T. Austin sent me a message and told me he was going to the concert.  Obviously Jake and I had been super good friends since we were in preschool.  He asked me if I had scored any tickets and I told him I hadn't been able to.  He was really surprised and invited me to come with him.  I totally accepted and we made plans to hang out before the concert.  Finally the day of the concert came.  The concert was to be held in an open field in the late afternoon.  It was a really pretty field actually.  Jake and I hung out while they set up the stage and marked out the area for the audience.  We bought snowcones and caught up on each other's lives since he had started Wizards of Waverly Place.  Later the people started showing up and as I was walking towards the stage to our blanket that we were sitting on, I saw Miranda and them in the back of the crowd.  That's where they were sitting and I found it mildly amusing haha Jake and I sat down and snacked on some food as they began to play.  The Jonas Brothers were awesome and seemed really fun!  I took off my sandals and set them on the grass beside me.  During the intermission, I walked to the concessions to buy a bottle of water.  When I got back to my seat my shoes were gone.  I turned to Jake and asked him if he'd seen what had happened to my shoes.  He said that he hadn't even noticed they were missing until I pointed it out.  It wasn't that big a deal so I just brushed it off.  Later on in the concert, since we were so low to the ground, I noticed that Joe was wearing my shoes.  His feet were hanging off the back of them and everything.  I was like, "Jake, do you see this right now?  Joe Jonas is wearing my shoes!  What?"  So after the concert we went to talk to them because Jake and the boys had become really close friends.  I was like, "Joe, you're wearing my shoes!"  He was like, "What?  Oh, these are yours?  I'm sorry!  I thought they were mine!"  Everyone laughed as he handed me my shoes back.  It was great!

And then I woke up...  :)