Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First Blog Post EVER!!!!!! :)

Okay this is my first blog post so bear with me while I learn haha 
My first dream I'm going to blog about is from several months ago.

It was a normal day after school and I was hanging out with my friends Miranda, Mary Beth, and Anna Grace.  We were watching Disney Channel and listening to the radio when we found out that the Jonas Brothers were going to be in concert in our town.  We were so excited!  We got Miranda's mom to drive us to the mall to buy tickets.  As we approached the vendor we found out that the concert had completely sold out.  The vendor told us that we might be able to scalp a few tickets if we were lucky and willing to pay a whole lot more.  Disappointed, we left and all went home.  A few days later at school I found out that Miranda, Mary Beth, and Anna Grace had all gotten tickets.  I was rather let down that I wouldn't be able to go to the concert.  So I went home and was talking to some good friends on Facebook when Jake T. Austin sent me a message and told me he was going to the concert.  Obviously Jake and I had been super good friends since we were in preschool.  He asked me if I had scored any tickets and I told him I hadn't been able to.  He was really surprised and invited me to come with him.  I totally accepted and we made plans to hang out before the concert.  Finally the day of the concert came.  The concert was to be held in an open field in the late afternoon.  It was a really pretty field actually.  Jake and I hung out while they set up the stage and marked out the area for the audience.  We bought snowcones and caught up on each other's lives since he had started Wizards of Waverly Place.  Later the people started showing up and as I was walking towards the stage to our blanket that we were sitting on, I saw Miranda and them in the back of the crowd.  That's where they were sitting and I found it mildly amusing haha Jake and I sat down and snacked on some food as they began to play.  The Jonas Brothers were awesome and seemed really fun!  I took off my sandals and set them on the grass beside me.  During the intermission, I walked to the concessions to buy a bottle of water.  When I got back to my seat my shoes were gone.  I turned to Jake and asked him if he'd seen what had happened to my shoes.  He said that he hadn't even noticed they were missing until I pointed it out.  It wasn't that big a deal so I just brushed it off.  Later on in the concert, since we were so low to the ground, I noticed that Joe was wearing my shoes.  His feet were hanging off the back of them and everything.  I was like, "Jake, do you see this right now?  Joe Jonas is wearing my shoes!  What?"  So after the concert we went to talk to them because Jake and the boys had become really close friends.  I was like, "Joe, you're wearing my shoes!"  He was like, "What?  Oh, these are yours?  I'm sorry!  I thought they were mine!"  Everyone laughed as he handed me my shoes back.  It was great!

And then I woke up...  :)

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